acne facial Bangkok

Acne Facial Bangkok, Thailand

Acne facial, known as Acne Care, is a specialized treatment offered at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok. It is part of the acne improvement program called Acne Clear Plus, designed to reduce and control acne while restoring the skin’s health. This article explores the features, benefits, and advantages of this treatment.

Features of Acne Care Treatment

Acne Care Treatment Components Acne Care treatment combines wave generation machines, vitamins, nourishment gels, and Acne Mask to address acne issues. The treatment includes:

  1. Phonophoresis: Pushing vitamins and nourishment gels deeper into the skin. Phonophoresis
  2. Cryotherapy: Reducing irritation.
  3. Acne Mask: Reducing comedo acne, inflamed acne, and irritation.

Nourishments Used The nourishments used in the treatment include:

  1. Vitamin A: Brightens the skin and improves structure.
  2. Aloe Vera: Reduces redness, inflammation, and pain.
  3. Vitamin C: Lightens the skin and reduces redness.
  4. Hyaluronic: Helps maintain skin elasticity.
  5. Collagen: Keeps the skin firm, smooth, and soft.
  6. Multivitamin Moisturizer: Helps the skin stay moisturized.
  7. Sun Protection: Protects skin from sunlight.
  8. Thermal Spring Water: Reduces toxins and hydrates the skin.

Benefits of Acne Care Treatment

Suitability Acne Care is suitable for individuals with comedo acne, inflamed acne, and skin irritation. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, as the vitamins and nourishments are adjusted according to the skin type.

Effectiveness The treatment helps reduce acne, hydrate the skin, and restructure it to return to a normal stage. The healing process becomes faster, and existing acne becomes less red.

Advantages of Acne Care Treatment

Customization The treatment is tailored to the client’s skin type, ensuring the best benefits without irritation. It is suitable for all skin types and does not cause side effects or allergies.

Frequency and Duration The treatment is recommended once a week, with a total time per session of 45 minutes.

Pricing and Packages

Various packages are available, with discounts offered for multiple sessions.

  • Single Session: 499 THB
  • 7 Sessions Package: 15% discount, total 3,000 THB
  • 14 Sessions Package: 20% discount, total 5,600 THB


Acne Care treatment at Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok offers a comprehensive solution for those struggling with acne. With a combination of advanced technology and nourishing substances, it provides a tailored approach to skin care. The treatment’s features, benefits, and advantages make it a valuable option for clients seeking to improve their skin condition without the need for harsh acne treatments. Whether dealing with sensitive skin or seeking effective acne reduction, Acne Care stands as a promising solution.

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